What it is

The Municipal Energy Plan is therefore a planning instrument to assist the General Plan, and that involves the measurement of energy consumption of the city, divided by sectors, the analysis of these data and, above all, the identification of the interventions of saving energy and promoting the use of renewable sources. The Energy Plan is a tool for linking strategies local planning and sustainable development actions, as operationally translates the addresses of the Administration in the development of renewable sources, and the information of the same tools of government land to principles of rational consumption and sustainable energy resources. The main objectives of the PEC aims concern both the improvement of environmental quality and on the other the contribution to the national and European commitments for the reduction of CO2 emissions and energy expenditure. The fields of application in which finalize saving policies are reported as follows:
  • residential and productive sector;
  • mobility sector;
  • urban lighting sector;
  • the environmental impact of waste;
  • correct consumers information.